Prince of Persia – Warrior Within: Location of all Life Upgrades

To play the real ending of the game, you need to find all the Life Upgrades in the Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. There are total 9 life upgrades in the game. I have tried to describe the location of all the Life upgrades here:

Life Upgrade 1 (Fortress Entrance)

The first life upgrade could be found right after you beat Shahdee, the woman in black in the second battle when she was trying to kill the woman in red (Kaileena). After the cut-scene when prince pushes kaileena to save her from falling debris, walk up the stairs where you will see an altar, opposite to the direction from where you came. Pull it back (right-click to grab the altar and use movement keys) to open a secret doorway behind it. Make your way through the traps to get the first life upgrade.

Life Upgrade 2 (Southern Passage)

The second life upgrade is in the area where you first fought the “Crow Master” in the present (ruined state). You will have to come back to the area from the “Central Hall” again because you need “Eye of the storm” power (slow down time) in order to get this life upgrade. After obtaining the power, go back to the place in past (built state) where you first fought the “crow master”. As you climb up the long stairway, you will see a small pass way barred by metal. Now come back down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs to the left from where you started climbing the stairs, there will be some wooden casks and a switch behind them. Break the casks and press the switch and at the same instant, slow down the time. Climb the stairs quickly to the small pass way up the stairs and roll down under it. Make your way avoiding traps to get the second life upgrade.

Life Upgrade 3 (Central Hall)

When you reach the central hall after obtaining the serpent sword (gifted by Kaileena) in the Throne room, turn the turnstile lever so that it faces the doorway with the save point fountain. Facing the fountain, turn left and drop down on the block of floor slightly lowered then rest of the floor. Now hung down from it and wall jump back and forth to make your way down. Once you get down, drop down to the block of floor below. Wall run and jump off at the end and keep jumping to make your way up. Now as you reach above, wall run again to the end and wall jump until you get down to the ledge. Or you can simply try jumping from the top to the floor near the gate (you have to face the prince diagonally, facing between the direction of gate and save fountain). Make your way through and avoid the traps to get the third Life upgrade .

Life Upgrade 4 (Garden)

When you get into the Garden in which you see the breathtaking scene via a cut-scene, make your way up to where you will fight “Shadows” and “Red uniformed guards”. After killing them or simply avoiding them, walk to the left (in the direction from where you entered the garden) to find a place where the fence doesn’t exist, drop down from there and make your way to the right side by  climbing ledges and wall running to make your way to the doorway across the gap. Make you way avoiding traps to find the fifth Life upgrade.

Life Upgrade 5 (Garden Waterworks)

When you activate the garden tower by turning the lever (the cut-scene will show one of the bar slid from the door), make your way to the wall behind (the place from where water started flowing after you turned the lever). Wall run up and grab the upper floor. Make your way all above and enter the doorway. This is the way for fifth Life upgrade.

Life Upgrade 6 (Activation Room)

In the Mechanical tower, when you face the a Giant golem throwing fiery spiked beasts at you, make your way to the left with respect to the entrance (to the left while facing the golem). There you will find a weak portion in the wall. Stand in front of it until the Golem directs a beast in your direction. Roll sideways to avoid the blast and the weak portion of the wall will get smashed, revealing a hidden path to the sixth life upgrade.

Life Upgrade 7 (Prison)

After obtaining Scorpion Sword, you will reach the Prison area after beating the black and white (zebra type :)) Thrall. Make your way up using the ladder emerged after you kill the Thrall. There you will find two breakable doors, a switch behind one door and entrance to the seventh life upgrade in the other one. Break both the doors first, then wall run up to press the switch. At the same instant, activate “Slow down time” power and make your way to the other door you broke as quick as possible. Make your way avoiding traps to get the seventh life upgrade. I found the traps for this life upgrade the toughest of all.

Life Upgrade 8 (Library)

Inside the library when you make your way up from the walkways beneath it. You will face a Ninja girl on top of the Octagonal railings. Defeat her and jump on the other Octagonal railing. Now instead of moving left, go to right and head for the unbroken wall (decorated wall type). Jump to the ledge from Octagonal railing, drop down to the lower one and hung from there. Move to the extreme right and climb all above to enter the opening in the wall. This is the location of eighth life upgrade.

Life Upgrade 9 (Sacrificial Altar)

The ninth and the last life upgrade is located in the room where you chase Shahdee (woman in black)  running away from you, and a door shuts behind her while she twitches her mouth at you in the cut-scene. You have to go back again to that place especially to get this life upgrade. Do as you did before, make your way up and keep noticing the wall with a cracked grating and a wooden crate inside it on one of the floor. Break the wall with the Scorpion sword, drag the box and place it near the wall with the opening in the roof. Climb up the wall and drop down to the other side for ninth life upgrade.

After you get all the life upgrades, the Water sword will be unlocked and you can get it when you enter the Throne room. And this will also unlock the real ending of the game.

To defeat bosses in Prince of Persia: Warrior within, visit:

Shahdee (Woman in Black)
Kaileena (In Throne Room)
Griffon (Flying Beast)
Kaileena (Final Fight)
Dahaka (real end)

For the location of Hidden weapons, visit Hidden weapons

Happy gaming 🙂

12 thoughts on “Prince of Persia – Warrior Within: Location of all Life Upgrades

    1. Jayant Post author

      You have to go back to the place where you saw Shahdee when she closes the door behind her smiling at you. The way is from the balcony above the save point in the central lever room.

      1. ron

        Is it possible to get back the 9 life upgrades when you’re at the end(at the last save point before final fight with Kaileena). I finished the game with that ending but I wanted to get to the other(with boss Dahaka). I missed 5 life upgrades and I could yet get back 3 of them(n°1,2 and 9). So I am now near sacrificial altar in the room where I can switch between present and past(with the green sword). So I wanted to choose present to get the 6th and then the 7th life upgrades. Do you think it’s possible? Because I’ve got the feeling that these last ways for me to the real end are locked(e.g: impossible in the present altar to jump from the “branch” to the hole in the wall where there’s a fountain and where he met Dahaka before(before when he understood that Dahaka fears the water) – the prince falls each time;
        impossible also to go back to the “switch time room” in the mechanical tower, the door stays locked; impossible also to go up to bring the 6th life upgrade in the present(no hole anymore in the wooden mechanism); and how is it possible to go back to the prison? )
        So many questions…! Finally, maybe it would be faster to get to the real end playing back the game from the beginning …
        1 more: did you win the game also in hard mode?

        1. Jayant Post author

          I think its impossible to get the life upgrades at this point of the game. Its because some ways in the game were followed by the cutscenes. So, you will have to play the game again. Its fun buddy. I have played it almost 25 times and its one of my favourite game. It will take only 5 hours to complete the game (including cutscenes) once you master the moves and tricks. In hard mode too, I have played around 5 6 times and won and yeah, I always complete the game with the Dahaka ending except for the first time. SO, good luck 🙂

  1. ron

    thanks a lot man! my motivation is now at the top to curse this real ending!
    (I’m playing the 2thrones too for the moment, it’s funny).
    Kakulukiam (ortho?) !

  2. Manoj

    After getting the 9th life upgrade, i’m on my way to throne room. Currently, i’m in southern passage. i cant jump from the ledge to the water fountain. prince cant grab the crack in the wall. please help…..


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