NFS Shift 2 Unleashed stopped working

Shift 2 Unleashed is a direct sequel to the NFS Shift (2009) and is a part of the “Need for speed” series. It falls under the racing genre. It was developed by “Slightly Mad Studios” and published by “Electronic Arts” and was released worldwide in the year 2011.

NFS Shift 2 Unleashed stopped working

After installing the game, if your game is crashing to the desktop with an error: NFS Shift 2 Unleashed stopped working, either on launching of the game, or on the main menu or during loading of the game or while playing the game. You may find the solution to the problem in this article.

How to fix NFS Shift 2 Unleashed stopped working error

Here I am writing some simple steps to fix this error:

  • Click the “Start” button on the Task bar. Right click on “My computer” and select “Properties” from the menu.
  • A “System” window will open. In this window, click “Advanced system settings” in the left pane. A new window “system properties” will open. Switch to “Advanced” tab if not already there. Click on the “settings” button in the “performance” box as shown in the figures below.
  • A new “Performance options” window will open. In this, switch to “Data execution prevention” Tab. Now select “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select” radio button. Click “Add” button and browse to the NFS Shift 2 unleashed directory and select the “shift2u.exe”. Click “Apply” and close all the windows.
  • Now, run the game again and this time, you won’t meet “NFS Shift 2 Unleashed stopped working” error.

(Some games and softwares, the system won’t let you turn off the data execution prevention (DEP) setting. To turn off the DEP of the entire system, visit

How to turn off the DEP of the entire system

If this solution doesn’t work, here’s the link to my other posts.

Visit NFS Shift 2 crashes to desktop, if the game is crashing on the loading screen of the Test Lap race

Visit NFS Shift 2 Black screen on startup, if you face the black screen while loading or the main menu.

Happy gaming :)


  1. not working.

  2. Please elaborate your problem…i will try to give possible solution :)

  3. not working.
    the game starts but after 5 minutes again it says nfs shift 2 has stop working

  4. does it happen just after your test lap loads…if yes, then try this:

  5. Also try disabling your windows firewall as well as antivirus. Sometimes, firewall of antivirus blocks the programs like AOE etc. so add NFS Shift 2 as an exception in program rules of the firewall of your antivirus..hope this will solve your problem..if not please let me know :)

  6. help me please…when i get into career when loading …its say shift2.exe has stopped working..? can u help…already tried doing all u have said!

  7. @adrijit: Are you able to see the events in career menu or its just when you click on the career menu..the game stops working…please elaborate the would be easier for me then to find the solution :)

  8. ok i got my solution…..i downloaded a physXloader software and now it works…but the next problem is when i race ..its really very in my game is running very slow!

  9. Yes …You need to lower down your resolution as well as graphic properties…even my 1 GB graphic card isn’t able to hold the game. :) Hope this will help you :)

  10. ok…but i could do the resolution…but can u help me to lower down my graphic properties??please!

  11. @adriji: If you could just brief your computer’s specifications..may be i can help..I don’t know your computer specification..but here’s what i have done…Hover to the option in main audio/video…select video tab by pressing “I” key two times…Now..set texture filtering to 4x or 8x instead of 16x ..and turn V-sync “off” ..other than that..i left every thing to can experiment with these setting until your game runs smooth..try “medium” for all… :)

  12. hey when i double click the game file the loading screen appears THEN after 1 minute Nfs has stopped working…….i already did the solution given in picture………….my system config is….Intel dual core vista 32bit,2gb ram 2gz speed……Pls help.

  13. Even this didn’t work…:(

  14. If u have a cracked version…try changing the crack..if not..then let me know the memory of your graphic card

  15. my laptop configuration is….
    intel core 2 duo,no graphic card..i.e intel graphic card installed (358 MB),2gb ram,..and what else u need to knw?

  16. i am sorry to say but the minimum graphic card requirement for the game to run is 512 mb directx 9c compatible with shader model 3.0 or higher..your’s have 358 mb..every other thing is u have to set all the settings to minimum..i have already briefed the settings in my above comment..hope it helps :)

  17. i have an i3, ati radeon 5750 1gb graphic card, 4gb ram, 720 hdd
    i am facing the same problem as i click on new career, loading starts and it exits to desktop saying the game has stopped working
    i even tried the DEP method told on various websites to remove this error but it is still not working
    please help

  18. Have you tried this..this is my another post…

    try this and let me know :)

  19. ya done this also not working yet
    i think PhysX will nerver work on my system as i am using ATI Radeon hd5750
    then too i installed it but the same problem again

  20. My system also have ATI graphic card..and PhysX solved the problem…it was when Test Lap starts loading ..right??….try changing compatibility mode to windows XP..i will search for the solution in the meantime :)

  21. it happens when i click continue to the career mode besides options on the main menu
    and where shall i change the compatibility mode from???

  22. Right click on the Shift 2 on compatibility mode tab..and then select “Run this program in compatibility XP service pack 2″ ……….it means you never made up to the race selection menu ? ..Have u played any race since installation..i mean test lap.. ??

  23. same problem as kaushik…..
    i have xps15 4 gb ram and 2 gb graphics card
    plzzz help out….
    kaushik did yo happen to get any resolution???

  24. i have an i5, ati radeon hd 4650 1gb graphic card, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd
    i am facing the same problem as i click on new career, loading starts and it exits to desktop saying the game has stopped working
    i have tried all the above methods told on various websites to remove this error but it is still not working…it showing same error
    please help

  25. This problem is related to PhysXloader.dll…Try this solution

    Hope it helps :)

  26. Pleqase help me i did what you said but and when i went to click the shift2u file it said shift 2 unleashed has stopped working i don’t have a shift2u.exe file i just have shift2u its a application it dosent even start its a black screen and the shift 2 has stopped working please help me out ty

  27. Check its extention in Details view of windows. Check If it is .exe file.

    You might need to download another .exe file from internet if it isn’t. Try downloading crack of it.

    Please mention specs. of ur computer.that might help me in resolving ur problem :)

  28. thank’s bro!
    nice working on my PC…

  29. done everything.. still not working :(

  30. What’s the actual problem you are facing…elaborate please..

  31. for those who said “my game start and then 5 minutes later not work bla3″ guys noob!!actually it works,,I had the same problem ,then try this and now working perfectly!!BIG THANKS mate!! :)

  32. Thanks dude… for encouraging :)

  33. I am having this error

    shift 2 unleashed has stopped working

  34. @Ali: Didn’t it worked for u…?? Tell me what exactly that i could be of some help :)

  35. I DownLaoded PhysX-9.11.1107-SystemSoftware And It’s Worked.
    Thank You.


  36. I have an i7 with 2 GB switchable graphics w/ ATI Radeon hd 6770m. I had the same problem as my game would crash right before that test lap on the lil loading screen.

    Physx 8.09.04 did not solve the problem.

    But like the poster above, Physx-9.11.1107 made everything work.

    ATI users can also download it no problem.

    Jayant you should update this on your other Physx download page. But a very helpful site you have though!!

  37. Thanx Buddy.. actually both prolems were different and their solutions are different..that’s why i linked Physx on the post where it actually solves the problem… Anyway i will provide the link to the post here also..thanks for the suggestion… :)

  38. I have AMD, what can I do to fix it?

  39. AMD processor or Graphic card?? … this error isn’t hardware specific.. i cud help if i wud be able to know more about ur problem…

  40. i have core duo, and still having this problem “shift 2 unleashed has stopped working” my graphics is 1Gb and i dont know how to fix it. pls help me. i need some answers.

  41. Your graphic card ATI or Nvidia?… have u installed fresh Physx?.. please describe the problem.. :)

  42. is graphic card need? for that games?

  43. of-course graphic card is must to play high end graphic games like this one.. even my 1 gb graphic card is unable to run the game smoothly with all settings high. :)

  44. For god sake This is Madness….. so i have XFX AMD RADEON 6870,ATHLON || X2 2.9 , 2GB RAM,1TB HARD AND SAME SHIT HAPPENS I AM CRAZY…I enter the game ant before 1st something it stops and says that.I can go to the menue to change graphic options but i cant play that stupid game..what to doooooooo?

  45. @Marin : If that’s happening on the loading of the test lap, u need to download Physx loader

    here you will find the link.
    Hope this will fix your crashing problem. :)

  46. not working,i follow the instruction but still it didn’t work

  47. Jayant Kumar i have RESOLVED the problem…u helped me a lot thanks :)

  48. @anonymous : what exactly are you getting as an error ?

  49. hey i hv also installed it but jst after 5 min…. it says… on desktop an error occurs that nfs shift 2 has stopped working then what should i do……!

  50. Thanks a lot man It’s Work ..

  51. i had try it, and install physX from here too, but sill not work, it always stopped working when i chose career menu, is there any solution?
    i3 2330M, HD6730M 2GB, 4GB
    sorry for my bad english language 😉


    • Career menu problem is corrected after installing PhysX and running the game as administrator… ur specs are good enough to play the game..try disabling ur firewall.. this has worked for me in other games ..hope this works for u too :)

  52. Thanks a lot man!!! It Works NO PROBLEM!!

  53. help me please…when i get into career when loading …its say shift2.exe has stopped working..?

  54. plz help me…..when i double clicked on shift2.exe it showed stoped working…………

  55. It works!!! <3<3<3
    Thanks =)

  56. i need help here. i can run this game as well but when it ask me to log in and i skipped it has stopped working. any idea ?

  57. when i tried to deactivate DEP for shift2u.exe it says that it could not find shift2u.exe

    • Browse it to the program files.. is your game installed or copied ..because some game runs directly from the hard drive without installation.. DEP works on installed applications

  58. how to add exception to firewall….???? plz help……

    • If you have antivirus installed…. go to its setting, go to program rules ( norton 360) or other name used, where u will find every installed application. click or select allow instead of ‘auto or blocked’

  59. done everything but damn still not working..

  60. i have installed latest PhysX bt still not working…

  61. tried everything u told but still it is showing shift2.exe has stopped working on opening it……….

  62. i have installed latest PhysX but still not working… in the test lap the game freezes for 10 sec and then i can play it for a while and then freezes again, pls help

  63. please help me ……i have installed physx but when i start the race in carrer mode the gane crashes with a message -shift 2 unleashed has stopped working …please help

  64. It’s given right in this post with figures.

  65. Pingback: NFS Shift 2 Unleashed crashes to desktop | JaCk's GuiDe..

  66. I have installed my NFS Shift 2 unleashed …when I try to open the game ,my screen just black…I wait for a quite long but its still same..can you help me ?

    • Did you try the above solution, If yes, and it didn’t work, then follow this solution:

      Hope it helps :)

      • I have try both ,and still the black screen appeared :(

        • What’s the configuration of your machine?
          Tell me in detail about the problem, i will do some research and will let you know,

          • I used Asus with intel pentium B940 as processor ,2GB Ram ,Nvidia GT520m 1GB ,I install the NFS shift 2 ,when done installing try to run the game ,it seem like the black screen appeared ,I wait for about 10 min but is still in black screen…

          • If you are using steam version of the game, try this:
            1)Right click on the Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed link in your Steam games list and choose Properties
            2)Disable Steam community.
            3)Run the game.

            If non steam, try deleting registry address but make a backup of registry before deleting:
            32bit : Hkey_Local_machine\Software\Electronic Arts\SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED

            Tell me if it works or i will find other solutions :)

  67. I’ll try tomorrow coz I a little bit buzzy today…will let you know once I tried :)

  68. i got a problem on my nfs shift, not the unleashed one.
    when i start career it stop working.

    • If your game is crashing during the career then u need to install physX environment provided by nvidia.. just click the link given in this article and you will get redirected to another post.. hope ..shift would respond like shift 2..

  69. When i click on the shif2.exe, it opens, but when i press enter at loading screen.. It come to desktop and appears the dialoge box “SHIF2 UNLEASHED has stopped working”….

  70. Hi, It normally crashes to the desktop, with the error that it says it has stopped working, I have the PhysX Provided with the Iranian Cracked version, it was version 9 and can it be that version 9 cannot run the NFS shift 2?On my past windows 7 on my same PC, I Installed and worked with no bugs but after installing this, stupidly strange! just 3 days I’m trying to get this worked out and I cant, I fix nearly all of the bugged games myself, but still I’m hardly stuck at this one.

    Computer Specs are:

    Win 7 Ultimate
    Intel Core i3 2100 3.1 GHz
    Spahhire ATI Radeon HD 6670 2GB GDDR3
    4 GB Silicon Power Dual Channel DDR3 1600 Ram

    I will Try the version 8 of PhysX and I’ll tell you if it worked, but, know that I have uninstalled it once, and I have Played this game on the same PhysX 9 with no bugs, just sometimes it randomly crashed for me….

    • what you are saying may be right because when i installed the game, i have to install a fresh PhysX but when same setup was used by my brother, the game run for him without any bugs. Well, as PhysX 9 as you say would be latest and should be compatible like any previous versions. Though random crashing depends on CPU and it may happen anytime while playing heavy games (usually game companies releases patches to fix such bugs), just try version 8 as you said but i am not sure it would help but let me know..

  71. Sorry I forgot to mention the DEP for this Game is Turned off as you said.

  72. It did not worked with the PhysX, Turned off my Antivirus, done ans you said, but seems my crack is too old, …. , This is what the error says:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: shift2u.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 00000000
    Fault Module Name: shift2u.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 0061b468
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    Read our privacy statement online:

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

    • What version of the game are you using? To automatically fix most of the bugs, try updating with the latest patch. If that does not work, give me your email ID, i would send my working .exe to you. You can try that one on your system.

      • thank you for your soon reply, I use version 1.0 and i have downloaded v1.01 patch but when i click on it a small window appears, then quickly disappears after half a second, nothing works, I dont know where to get a correct patch but, here’s my e-mail:

        I’ll be glad if you could send your exe to me

  73. Jayant, Thank you for your crack, but unfortunately it does not work, i’ll try re-installing, because I have done everything said to work, but it did not help with the crash…I have tried my old save game, it loads my cars, my garage, car lot, everywhere just when it comes to loading a race, it crashes with the exact same error!

    • I am sorry that the methods didn’t work for you, hope reinstalling may fix the problem, anyways good luck :) (Have you tried turning off the firewall)

  74. Jayant, dont worry many people didnt get it fixed, you did your help and thank you for that, after re-installing, I got the BEX-error after confirming the autolog connection failure, with your crack it didnt even start, so I Installed Physx provided with my disc, then it started, but with the same previous error.I didnt try fire wall so I will try and Im going to upgrage my Graphics to a 7770 or some thing like that, anyway thanks a lot.

  75. sorry the BEX error wasn’t because of the PhysX, I installed the 8 version, and I found out that it was from DEP, as I turned my DEP on, the BEX error came as “Shift 2 Unleashed has stopped working at start”, then, another thing, the same win 7 mouse pointer appears during the menu, and I think its somehow ready for the crash..I tried optimizing my CCC, with shift2u.exe at different settings but yet none of them worked!

  76. Dear Jayant, Do you have any idea with my win 7 mouse pointer appearing on the screen while playing until the test lap crash?

    I dont know why but everyone on Nvidia Cards seem to get it fixed by turning of AA, or “mlaa” which I dont know what that phrase means , I remember I had installed Mirror’s edge before this game, maybe in that CD i had some programs that I cant remember them now, I’ll try that and reply…

    • there were no programs on that disk …

    • Hii.. sorry for the late reply.. acrually I didnt get notifications of your previous 2 comments… today I get the new notification… Anyways, is the mouse pointer just the same as on the windows or some other shape .. I am asking this because in NFS MOST WANTED.. the mouse pointer always remains on the screen.. but it is different from that of windows.. and it does not effect the game in any ways.when i touch the mouse i can move the pointer even on the game screen,..I wish I could have access to your setup somehow…

      • its as same as win 7, and if you mean NFS MW 2012, I dont see a pointer there. It’s like somethings dgoing on when the game is running!

        • I meant NFS MW previous.. anyways … I think any third party driver or program may be interfering with the game as you told about mouse pointer.. is it possible to run the setup in safe mode.. if yes, try it.

  77. I Tried the safe mode, it said the Catalyst control center can not start and configure the settings for this application, then, the same error that i always have happened! NFS Shift 2 has stopped working, seems like my CCC cant detect the software, i tried optimizing it in any way possible with the ccc, but i didn’t see any change, the game loaded with its default settings, even I had configured custom settings for this application.I have the latest CCC, I downloaded it from Its main website.Right now I use physX 8 (the one you provided in your other Post)

  78. It seems the game thinks there is a “Nvidia card”, so it wont find one and it crashes? So the main problem should be my CCC.

    another word, the DEP, when i turn it on (on my old crack) it goes up to the autolog connection, then when we skip it it crashes with a BEX error, and your crack, it does’nt even start, and sais the same BEX error again but i dont think this is related to my current problem.

    Let me install this on my brother’s PC, then I’ll tell you if it works or not, it has:

    Intel Dual Core e5500 2.8ghz
    ATI radeon HD6450 2gb GDDR3
    4 GB DDR2 800 ram

    • It wont have reached to the test lap screen if it haven’t detected you CCC… problem is somewhere one thing.. uninstall physx and then try to run.. then it will give error about physx.dll.. download the dll and paste it in the directory… then try running the game..

  79. Same Error.It seems no change whether the full physx is installed or only the loader

    • Buddy.. your sticky problem had made me out of ideas right now. last but not least, try deleting registry of the game in regedit. One of my post is related to it and you can find it by searching “shift 2″ in search box. I wish it would help. Keep updating me. Good luck.

  80. Hi. For me its a same problem. 😀 when I started the game and go to Career it CRASHES. I was did all yours helps but nothing worked. What should I do?
    P.S Sorry for my english. 😀

  81. I Tired it on the other PC, same crash! I Deleted every registry file i found named shift2, but no fix yet, i’ll try putting back my old savegame, which loads all cars, to see if that one works

  82. the problem occurs with POP forgotten sands… is there any way to resolve it besides the method listed?

    • I never tried it with POP forgotten sands. try changing compatibility mode or turning off antivirus and firewall.

    • Okk.. man.. Try this..

      -Open regedit.

      -Search for “AlternateVerticalSyncThreshold”. it should look something like Software->Ubisoft->Prince of Persia – The Forgotten Sands->1.000000000->Engine

      -Right-click the folder called 1.000000000 and rename it to 1.0.

      Let me know if it works :)

  83. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could help me fix the issue I am having, I am running Windows 8 Pro 64bit and when I try and lunch the game nothing happens no screen comes up nothing in the process, display drivers are up to date, can think that it’s the specs of my machine causing the issue.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  84. I am also having same problem in shift 2.When I try to load any race by selecting a car in events like old vs new or manufacturer showdown the game crashes.Sometimes during a race too the screen freezes and crashes.Is there any solution to this problem..

  85. PhysX is already up to date….

  86. PhysX is already up to date….

    • Can you tell me the config of your system and the methods you have already tried.. like running as admin, compatibilty mode, antivirus exclusin etc.

  87. Hey Jayant, I found out that on my previous PC, I had tested an nvidia card and installed its reqiured driver, then I changed my graphics card, I have changed my Graphics card again to a HD 7770 1GB GDDR5 still doesnt work, and as I want to install an nvidia driver it sais it doesnt detect one, Its too risky for me to unplug my graphics card and put my old 9500gt back, is there anyway to have access to the files which people with nvidia cards have them in their system32?

    • So right now you have ATI card in your system and you have literally unplugged nVidia card. Now for which files do you want to have access in system 32 exactly? If nVidia is no more on your system, why do you want to install its driver?

      • I’m sorry that this stuff took so long, but I’ll try installing the old shift 1 and its own drivers, see if it can start…then I’ll try shift 2.

        • I don’t think Shift 1 will cause any problem in running. It ran smoothly without any problem on my system. All the problem was with Shift 2. Anyways, try it, and the next time you install Shift 2, just let me know if any problem arises during installation or playing. Wish you good luck :)

  88. I tried the shift 2 on another PC with very low specs, 6450 and AMD athlon 3000(1.6 single core!), it works and the physx is newer than the CD provided(a newer 9 version) it works with around 10 FPS.The only difference was it had an original copy of windows.I upgraded my windows, re-installed all physx(disc) and the game, deleted everything, still not working.It’ll cost me a lot to get a fresh new install of windows or I have to sacrifice 200GB(A disk Drive) for another win 7 installed…and to mention I have GTA IV and its requirements installed, fully modded to my own version which the other PC hasn’t.I’ll try downloading the latest physx ever released but that doesn’t seem t fix my problem1 thank you for putting your time on this at east it worked on anther PC and that’s a lot for me.Thanks A lot Jayant.

    • Don’t worry mate, go for other better racing games of NFS. Try NFS Hot pursuit 2010 and you will forget all other racing games :)
      And yes.. you can contact me anytime.

  89. I finally got it fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I re installed my windows completely(It was pretty buggy i had to), then it didn’t work , I Downloaded PhysX 9.13.xxxx version and its working, maxed out +40 FPS for those who have high end ATI cards this should work and I’m sure that many people used 9.10 or 9.09 which does not qualify for them.thanks a lot 😀

  90. Hey in my situation , I come dont have rights to control the “DEP” it says you have to bea administrator stuff like that.

    • Are you logged in as an administrator or your account has an administrative privileges. If not, then login to the system as administrator then try again. :)

  91. ========================== C R A S H F I X ============================

    i follow this Tut, but its not help me.
    i solve my NFS-S2U Game Crash problem. i am Happy with my game and i am sharing here maybe its help others !

    (1) First of all follow steps as mention in this tutorial.(add your game to DEP exception)

    (2) second, if you have already latest and new version of physx in your computer, deinstall him.
    and install from Game DVD/ISO Pyhsx v.9.10.0513.

    (i had before PhysX-9.13.1220 which i replace with 9.10.0513, its sound idiotic but this game does not support latest/new version of Physx.)

    my computer spec. :
    Intel Core i7-860 Processor 2.80GHz
    Windows7 64bit
    AMD Radeon 5850 1GB DDR5
    4GB RAM

    • Thanks.. for the information. Actually, it doesn’t support latest physX because the game was released in 2011, so the latest version (at present) may not be compatible with the game. Anyways, it would help the people to solve the crashing problem :)

  92. Thanks ….it’s working … .

  93. Thank you so much this fixed mine forgot all about the DEP but small suggestion for anyone else still having problems with yours hope it will help NVIDIA PHYSX SYSTEM SOFTWARE, found this link from

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