Hard drive Partition not accessible. The parameter is incorrect

Sometimes, we make mistakes of plugging out the external hard drives or pen drives directly from the system, either manually or due to some other reasons (e.g. Power failure for powered hard drives). Although, many external drives have an option in the properties to select, if one needs to remove the drive by “safely removing” method or one can remove it directly. If the latter option is checked, there is no problem in ejecting the drive directly. If the “safely removing” option is checked, then it may arise such type of problems, if you remove the drive directly from the system.

Force ejecting the drives may disturb the boot records of the drives from the system which helps the Operating systems to read and access the external drives. Once it is disturbed,  it’s hard for the OS to get access to that drive. It may also happen to the partition on the internal hard drive if the user avoids shutting down the system through the proper shutdown procedure. Directly switching off the system due to any reason may disturb the boot records for internal partitions too.

If you are unable to get access to any partition of your Hard Drive on double clicking and getting the error: Hard drive Partition not accessible. The parameter is incorrect, then there’s no need to panic for the data loss.

Hard drive Partition not accessible

Here are some of the conditions faced by users. If yours is in here, then I hope the solution may work for you.

1) For any partition for e.g. ” D:/ Hard drive Partition not accessible. The Parameter is incorrect.” error is displayed.

2) You need to Format the drive before you can use it.

3) The “Disk management” in “Device manager” of Windows shows the partition as “RAW DISK”.

4) The space available and space free shown is “0”. It’s because the Windows is unable to read the Partition and hence shows it as an empty drive. The data is still intact.

If everything fails to get access to the disk like using “CHKDSK” command etc. in command prompt. You need to save the data to another data drive.

Here’s the solution for the Hard drive Partition not accessible problem:

Fix for Hard drive Partition not accessible. The parameter is incorrect

1) Just arrange a Linux Ubuntu Operating System CD (or try plugging the drive in Mac OS). If you do not have Linux, then download any Linux environment from the internet (I used Linux Mint). Its free of cost. Install it in a Flash drive or write it on a blank CD. You will need a Live USB creator to create a bootable pen drive. Download it from here: Live USB creator

2) Insert the disk/flash drive or CD whichever one you are using and restart the Computer.

3) Boot from the CD and select “Try UBUNTU” instead of installing it or Boot from Flash Drive and do the same. If you want, you can install the Linux in Windows using the “WUBI installer” provided along with the Linux OS.

4) Let the Linux boot. Once in there, you may get access to the Disk and can save your Data to another drive.

5) When you are done, restart the PC in Normal Windows mode.

6) Format the inaccessible Partition and now you can copy back the Data to same Drive. If you have the Windows OS DVD, you can try repairing the operating system by booting the system from the DVD itself and then selecting repair from the options available.

Note: No need to buy any paid softwares for recovery, not even the trial versions. No Third party Partition manager. Most of them don’t work. If you want, you can try free softwares available for downloading.

Hope the procedure may help in solving hard drive partition not accessible problem :)


  1. Thanks Jayant….This worked perfectly.

    I had spent many hours trying to “rescue” my data from this non-functioning drive. With your “fix”, I was recovering my “lost” data within half an hour…and also discovered an amazingly good operating system.

    Thanks again, Ian

  2. i lost access of my F:/ drive during merging umlocated space to C:/ drive and now F:/ drive is not accessible and i have lost access all my data. i even tried this but it didn’t helped me.

    • Is your F: drive showing in “My computer” or you can’t see the F drive. If there appears any error message when you try to access the partition. Please elaborate the problem so that i can help

  3. Hi Jayant,
    can you please share the link from where i can download the UBUNTU os? i have a knoppix dvd, will that be ok or is it ubuntu i need to use?
    pls suggest.
    my HDD crashed on 30 Jun when i removed it from the laptop without ejecting it (external USB). now it just gets detected on systems, but everytime i plug it in the system, it says it needs to be formatted. it shows as raw FS in disk management and i have also tried getdataback and test disk. none of these apps have detected the partition table nor any of these is able to find the file system.
    I have also tried systemrescuedisc but it just says that the fs is not recognized.
    all my projects are on this drive (15 years of work)
    pls help

    Kiran Jain

  4. What about external Hard disks? Can I use the same method?

    • Yes of course.. you can use it for external hard drive. But before trying that, plug and unplug the hard disk a few times, it may solve your problem. Many a times and even yesterday, my external hard drive showed the same error but after plugging it the third time, it started working automatically. Hope that can help you too :)

      • I did that. I unplugged and plugged it many times. I’m hearing a faint click sound from the external hard disk…. Any idea what that is. Thanks for the quick reply!

        • Faint click sound? you mean the sound when external hard drives connects to the system or something else. Check in the disk management about the status of hard disk, whether its a RAW drive or not.

          • After connecting the hard disk, I hear a click sound. I can hear the disks inside the hard disk spinning, but I’m also hearing a click sound (like a mouse click). I’m getting the message, “Do you want to format the disk”. And some other message ” Parameter is incorrect”. How do I check if its RAW?

        • Open device manager (start>right click “my computer”>select “manage”>In computer management window, in left pane select “disk management”. there you can see its status. If the drive doesn’t have a letter, right click the partition and assign a drive letter to it. May it will fix the problem. But first check if its RAW or not?

        • Do these steps first:
          >Try giving a drive letter, if it already do not have one and if windows allow you to.
          >Next, right click the drive and choose properties, click Tools tab and click “Check now”
          >If that doesn’t help, open “command prompt” as admin and write “CHKDSK /F /X /R” without quotes. If you have windows DVD, you can first boot from the DVD and then write the command in console there. Actually /X part of check disk is effective but it first dismounts the partition. I did it on my running system and it worked safely without any consequences as i had no hope but to try but its my duty to warn about that (you can try it but please use it at your own risk though risk is 1% only)

          If any of these helps, please let me know.

  5. I’ll try those steps but I’ll most probably just follow the above mentioned UBUNTU method.

  6. hello there..can u help me please..i try to access my hard disk and it says that F is not accessible, the parameter is incorrect..i try to format and the process take a longer time..im not sure why and i cancelled it. so many times. & it still cant be access. it is a RAW drive. i try ubuntu, but u buntu also cannot detect e hard disk :(

    • If you had already initiated the formatting, even Ubuntu or any OS won’t detect the drive. Now do one thing, perform a quick format or Format the drive using windows DVD.

      • I’m wondering if I perform a quick format or format the drive using windows DVD, will I lose all my data inside my external HDD? Because those files inside are very important to me :(

        And how do I perform a format the drive using windows DVD? Is it the installation Windows DVD?

        By the way, I’d checked my HDD and it is in RAW format and I’m using Windows 8 Pro. Hope my info helps :(

        • Yes, formatting will erase all the data from the HDD.
          Insert the windows DVD and start the system. Make it boot from dvd. AFter windows has loaded system files, you can continue with the setup. Keep following the steps which will guide you to the step where it will ask you in which partition you want to install the windows. You don’t have to install so just click your external drive (make sure you choose the right one) and click Format. After formatting, cancel the setup and start windows normally.
          If you want to save your data, you can try Linux OS.

  7. Send me your Paypal EMAIL ADDRESS. I’m sending in $20. Your method worked!! I am right now in the process of recovering my stuff. You really need to expand your site, so that others can benefit. Thanks a ton for your help. Even though I’m quite up to date with computers and technology, I didn’t know about your method and I’m glad I found someone trust worthy who knows what he’s doing!

  8. Hi,
    I tried this but when I clicked on my portable hard drive in Ubuntu this message came up and I can’t assess my files. What shall I do? Pictures: http://goo.gl/PONkTg http://goo.gl/eLweOc

    I think it may have something to do with Lockmydrive which I recently installed on my portable hard drive. This is the email I sent to them but they have failed to respond.
    I got a new portable hard drive for work a few days ago and I have a lot of important documents and files on it. So, I download this software on to it to protect it and it worked on my laptop and my work computer. However, when I plugged it in to another computer in my house to back up the files and documents up in case the hard drive failed. When I plugged it in I went to my computer and it said seagate slim like normal so I clicked it opened the software to unlock the hard drive entered my password then the software froze and after about 10 minutes of waiting it went off and I went on my computer to open the files but this time it just said Local Disc (E:) not seagate slim (E:) like normal I clicked it and I got this message
    Location is not available
    E:\ is not accessible.
    The parameter is incorrect.
    Then it come up with
    Microsoft Windows
    You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it.
    Do you want to format it?
    Format disc Cancel
    I clicked cancel because I can’t format it because it has a lot of important documents and files which aren’t backed up any where else. I was trying to back them up when this happened.
    What can I do to get the portable hard drive working again and get all my files and documents back?
    Thank you.

    Do you know how I could get my files and documents back?
    Any reply will be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so long.
    Thank you so much.

  9. When I right click and click properties it just shows loading but nothing comes up. I tried this on my laptop’s built in hard drive and the properties came up. What shall I do?

  10. The properties came up now but it shows the hard drive is 0gb and 0gb used and when I clicked check now it says:

    The disk check could not be performed because Windows can’t access the disk.

    I think this is because of Lockmydrive but I am not sure.
    Sorry for all the posts.
    Do you know what I could do.
    Thank you.

  11. I think Lockmydrive has caused this when it froze while unlocking I have emailed them but they haven’t replied.

  12. I think it is locked because when I click on properties it says 0mb of 0mb but the portable hard drive is 500gb and one of the software’s features is that it hides how much is on the hard drive.
    To unlock the drive I normally plug it in my computer click ‘Open folder to view files’
    Then it opens and just the Lockmydrive application is in there. I click that it opens Lockmydrive, I enter my password click unlock and then I go to my computer click on my portable hard drive it normally says ‘Seagate Slim’ and then it opens and I can access all my files. Once I have finished using it I open the software lock it then click safely remove hardware. And unplug it.

    However, I plugged it in like normal clicked ‘Open folder to view files’
    When it opened Lockmydrive I entered my password clicked unlock and then the Lockmydrive applicaton froze and so did ‘My computer’. I waited about 10 minutes and the application just went off. I have put the rest in my original post but when I clicked safely remove hardware it said ‘Windows can’t stop ….. Close any programs that might be using the device, then try again later. I closed everything open and after about an hour of this I just unplugged it.

    Then when I plugged it in to another computer and I got the same
    Location is not available
    E:\ is not accessible.
    The parameter is incorrect.
    Then it come up with
    Microsoft Windows
    You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it.
    Do you want to format it?
    Format disc Cancel

    Therefore, I couldn’t ‘Open folder to view files’, I can’t open the application or access Lockmydrive to unlock the hard drive.
    Do you know another way to unlock the hard drive? I hope this all makes sense and I am so sorry that I have wrote so much. I appreciate very much that you are spending your time helping me.
    Thank you.

  13. I extracted the file from the email and copied it to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and I got this: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGTWFPRGFsTkw2R0k/edit?usp=sharing
    Which one shall I click?

  14. I started my laptop in safe mode with my portable hard drive plugged in and the hard drive light came on that shows it has powered up but it didn’t show in my computer or safely remove devices. So when I put the command in command prompt it didn’t work but anyway I took a screen print to show you. What shall I do? Shall I try it again?

    Thank you.

    • Run the cmd prompt as administrator, then do so that it should look like this:

      C:\Windows\System32> Chkdsk E: /f
      instead of
      C:\Users\Alex> chkdsk E: /f

      in the mean time, i will look for some other solutions :)

      • Hi,
        Sorry I didn’t reply. I went to my friends house yesterday and took my laptop with me. When I got there I put it on there coffee table and their son accidentally knocked it off the table and it fell on to the floor. When I opened it the screen was cracked so I have had to send it off to get fixed. When I get it back fixed I will run C:\Windows\System32> Chkdsk E: /f

  15. You’ve saved my files that are VERY precious to me and I am in your debt. Thank you and much blessings.

  16. Hi,
    I have only just got my laptop back from repair so I have only just been able to try and run the command prompt. You said it should look like C:\Windows\System32> Chkdsk E: /f
    instead of
    C:\Users\Alex> chkdsk E: /f
    but I can’t delete the C:\Users\Alex>.
    What shall I do?
    Thank you

  17. Hi Jayant, when i put the Drive in to system it is showing nothing. when i click the properties showing used space & free space 0 bytes. Please help me out. All of Bachelors and masters documents, research work and data in the hard drive.

  18. I will try that tomorrow. Thank you.

  19. Hi,
    I downloaded the software and followed the steps. I got some screens the same as the screen shots on the website but not all of them. E.g I got the “You will have to reboot for the change to take effect” but I didn’t get this message: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/File:After_backup_bs.gif. I didn’t do the NTFS Boot sector recovery because once I had written the partition I got the message “You will have to reboot for the change to take effect”. I re ran the software and took screen shots here because that doesn’t make much sense.
    1. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGU2FlVWZwNGNLYTg/edit?usp=sharing
    2. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGSU42YVRWYlhQb00/edit?usp=sharing
    3. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGTThiS2hKbTdpYVk/edit?usp=sharing
    3.5 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGTjRLMVNuNG5hUWc/edit?usp=sharing
    4. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGc3dTZllkRXJqUFk/edit?usp=sharing
    5. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGUlpmYWFVVmxXMVk/edit?usp=sharing
    6. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGeGNSdmVDbDhheUU/edit?usp=sharing
    7. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGTnVqR0dwRmlUckk/edit?usp=sharing
    8. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGMzdfa2dBZ1F4T0U/edit?usp=sharing
    2 and a bit Hours later
    8.5 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGWmF3RVcxYkswUzQ/edit?usp=sharing
    9. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGZV9pNllKQlp4TUE/edit?usp=sharing
    ‘Right arrow’
    10. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGeFdaZWVmV2MxckE/edit?usp=sharing
    11. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGSFh3Qk5WczBqMlU/edit?usp=sharing
    The first time I did this it said “You will have to reboot for the change to take effect” and I did however, the hard drive still didn’t work. I think this is because I didn’t do the NTFS Boot sector recovery. However, the second time I did this to take screen shots I got this message.
    And then I quit it.

    What have I done wrong and how do I correct it so I can properly run the software?
    Thank you

  20. After that message I pressed
    Write Yes
    And I got this message: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2wc2lSMDXYGeWVacWNMTXVrV2M/edit?usp=sharing

    I did not get these message as it says on the website link you sent me:
    So I can’t do the steps it says under: NTFS Boot sector recovery
    I still have the software open shall I press enter Ok and reboot my computer then see if the hard drive works and the partition is fixed?

    Thank you

  21. I meant can I delete them or do I have to keep them

    • Hello Alex

      I am happy too that you recovered your files. :) First of all, recheck if you have every file that were important to you.
      Also, about the $ files, you won’t be able to use them so delete them if you have the similar files without $ sign as prefix. Check the size of both, the one with $ sign would be in bytes. The other would be the actual size of the file. But first of all check them by opening one or more Powerpoint file by deleting $ file of them to recycle bin so that if they won’t open, you would be able to restore them from recycle bin.

      So, after recovering all the files, you can simply format the hard drive. Then, once the format is complete, copy all the recovered data back to the hard drive. Make sure you upload your important datas to google drive or dropbox. And make a copy of it at some other place too.

      Leave me a message when you are done, or if you have any problem.

      Wish you all the best :)

      For future, always remove your drive safely :)

      • Hi,
        I have just finished looking through all the files and folders and deleting the $ files and .identifier files. I have the majority of my important files however a few folders of family pictures have not been restored/copied I had backed these up and I have just looked through all my DVD’s and CD’s of Computer Backup’s and the photos that haven’t been copied from my portable hard drive but I can’t find the DVD with them on. I think it may have been lost when we moved house recently. Is there any way I might be able to get these back? Shall I re-run the software?

        Thank you for all your help.

        • What is the size of the folder that contains your pics?
          You can try re-running the software, if that doesn’t help, i’ll look for any other recovery procedure.

          • I think the file is about 15gb. I don’t have time to re-run the software tonight, I have a lot of work I have to finish but I will try tomorrow.
            Thank you

          • Hi,
            I re-ran the software but the pictures weren’t recovered. Is there any other way I could recover them?
            Thank you so much

          • Sorry Brother for late reply, i was busy in some urgent work. Give me a day or two and i will let you know..if there is some way to recover the pictures :)

          • I have emailed you a message, check it :)

          • I have got all my files back and I have formatted my hard drive with your help. Thank you so much. Your a life saver. Thank you for helping me and spending your time to help me fix my hard drive.
            THANK YOU

          • Hello Alex.
            Good to know you are done with this. You can contact me any time for any problem in future. :)

  22. I have a WD my book 2TB. I faced the same problems.
    Ubuntu can detect my disk ( can see the drive in disks). However, I cant see the drive in File Manager.

  23. Jayant….do you think this linux method of viewing data might work on damaged sd cards that are no more accessible through windows and/or camera?

    • Yeah, you can give it a try. You can also try the chkdsk command in cmd prompt. If that doesn’t work, I would suggest you s/w that may help recovering data from SD card. Thanks to PinShang Pah :)

  24. Hi Jayant,

    Have external HDD 250GB it was divided into 3 drives in that remaining two drives can be accessed one of the drives doesn’t open It has 200 GB info abut throws error J:/ drive is not accessible and when it is connected laptop it comes with popup message drive requires Format like that.. checked through run command CHKDSK but it shows same error not accessible.Please suggest me to unlock and recover data from it.


  25. Hi Jayant,
    I have 1 TB WD Green installed a s my secondary drive and 160 primary drive with Win 8 Pro os. yesterday i had plugged in my external HDD and my Kaspersky was running scan on all my drives accidently i removed my external HDD and after that i was not able to see my partitions of my internal 1TB drive (divided in :K and :L). first the partition was not atall visible on my computer then some how they got listed but gave 0 bytes and a message message as partition invalid. chkdsk command is also not detecting the drive and say cannot open volume for direct access. i intalled and ran test disk for recovering my file that too didtnt detect the HDD. with linux i have download linux mint as u had suggested but the software to make bootable Pen drive states that it will only create bootable drive with FAT32 and not NTFC. im not sure if that will work im not even sure what format my effected HDD was. the only place HDD is detected is in BIOS. Please help i have certain folders of Family picture to save.

  26. First change the pen drive from Ntfs to fat32. You could find the command on internet or format the pen drive and then you can choose the file system. Make a bootable drive for linux. Then, try accessing the corrupt drive.

    In disk management, does it show the partitions as RAW?

  27. Hi, you seem to be doing a lot of good for people on here so I think I’m going to jump in.
    I had a 250 GB external hard drive from WD that is in the process of failing, fits the description you have above. I tried running the chkdsk from the command center of windows and was told it couldn’t do it because mine is in FAT32 format instead of NTFS. I then came across Ubuntu from another website that told me step by step how to manually mount a disk in that operating system. When I tried that process, it first told me that it was already mounted, even though when I tried it, it said it was unable to mount (and that error notification came up right away). So I tried clicking on the icon for the external HD again and it actually opened up some new windows that I am just waiting to load (ever since the hard drive started failing, it makes my entire system run ridiculously slow when plugged in.) So while I’m waiting, I’ve come up with a couple of questions.
    1) If this in fact still doesn’t work, and Ubuntu is unable to recognize it as well, it looks like from your other responses that this is the end of the line and I have to start a system recovery. If that is correct, do you have any that you recommend for an external hard drive?
    2) Could I just try switching it from FAT32 to NTFS so that I can run the chkdsk in windows? (if this is possible, could you break it down step-by-step for me? This problem has made me realize how technologically illiterate I really am) Will that cause my files to disappear, as if I were to format it?
    3) If Ubuntu does work, and I pull all the files off successfully, could I just format the hard drive and it should be back to normal/good to use again?
    Thank you in advance :) and sorry it’s so much

    • Chkdsk command can be performed in either file system, fat32 or ntfs. Maybe you need to unmount the partition first.

      Reply 1, may be its not the end of the line. Its just end of my knowledge regarding this problem. May be other techies have a better solution to this problem.

      Reply 2, yes you can convert file system from fat32 to ntfs. You won’t lose any data but still people recommend for back up. (I did this on my pen drive for experiment). There is a command for this, exact command you could find on the web.

      Reply 3, if ubuntu works, you can format the drive after recovering the data.

      What I recommend is to use a usb drive to make a bootable linux drive, then try it before trying anything. Goodluck :)

      • thank you for the fast reply, you rock at that :)
        turns out ubuntu isn’t going to work either. And I must have tried a different chkdsk command than you because myself, as well as other commentors on the thread I got mine from, received an error message that it couldn’t run because it was in FAT32 instead of NTFS. And honestly I don’t have time to try to change it and run chkdsk again so I went straight to testdisk to recover files. Now I see why it wasn’t able to open in anything! The boot sectors are all kinds of messed up; first they didn’t match, so once I got them to match, it was still saying there wasn’t a valid one for me to open any files. So I’m in the middle of rebuilding my boot sectors. Fun stuff.
        Thanks for your help though. I wish I had known of this thread 3 months ago when my computer’s internal hard drive crashed and I lost a few files. Fortunately in that case I had mostly everything on my external, I just had yet to copy everything over to the new internal hard drive before this happened :(

        • Thanks :). So, did you fully solve the problem after fixing boot record. I hope you did. For any assistance, just leave a message here :)

          • Well doing a boot sector rebuild only gave me back about 1/4 of my music files, didn’t even touch any of my documents or pictures. all of my pictures are on facebook though so as much of a pain as that is going to be to go through and individually save each one, it may be what has to be done. I don’t remember what documents were on there, i think majority of the important ones I need are on my flashdrive. the music was just the biggest one i wanted back because majority of them are from cd’s i no longer have in my possession. oh well. i may run the analyse feature of testdisk tomorrow but other than that I’m giving up.

  28. Hi there
    Please help! my external hard drive seems to be corrupted and is giving me a parameter is incorrect error. I tried to run the following command in the cmd : chkdsk /f /r /x f: but it gives me the following message:
    The type of the file system is NTFS
    The first NTFS boot sector is unreadable or corrupt.
    Reading second NTFS boot sector instead.
    Unable to determine volume version and state. CHKDSK aborted.

    i really need to retrieve the data on this external HD

    • Hello Raquel, sorry for the late reply. If your windows is reading the disk as NTFS then you would be able to detect the disk in Linux. In there, just copy all the data to the other safe drive. Format the drive in question and there you go. :)

  29. hello i need ur help plz i have hard usb 1 TB and i stopd the internal CD by my hand . i put my hand in tis cover and press and i lisend the CD stopd move …… my hard asked to pe format and i have important data on it .. i read almost
    between u and alex
    i try the cmd and wind lunx …… what i can do nw ??? need my data and need the hard be work on this

    the photo in ur facebook msg …… reply to me in my account on facebook

    • You mean you actually stopped the rotating disk by your hand forcefully. Why did you do that? These things can lead to the hardware damage of the drive. Now, what’s the error you are getting?

  30. my d drive is not accessable and i have important data in it..how can i recover it with out formating this drive or after formating …plz

  31. Hi, Jayant Please help. I’m in serious problem. I have share drive in our organization which is user can access their data on that share drive (Drive H) but somehow the drive could not be accessed. H:\is not accessible. The parameter is not incorrect. i have run scan disk on CMD (CHKDSK h: /f but it still can not work. it still show the same warning. please help me out to solve this problem. Thank You

  32. Hi, Jayant Please help. I’m in serious problem. I have share drive in our organization which is user can access their data on that share drive (Drive H) but somehow the drive could not be accessed. H:\is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect. i have run scan disk on CMD (CHKDSK h: /f but it still can not work. it still show the same warning. please help me out to solve this problem. Thank You

  33. Yes, this is share drive which all clients save their data there. it’s 16TB so how do i use linux system to back this data?also this share drive in virtual server.

  34. Yes, this is share drive which is all clients save their data there. it’s 16TB so how do i use linux system to back up these data?also this share drive in virtual server.

    • If nobody is able to access the drive, then most probably, you may have to recover the data from it as there could be a problem with the drive.
      Before doing anything, just check using linux CD if you are able to view the files or access them in any way. In the mean time, i would look for other solutions.

  35. Thank you for your prompt reply and effort to help me. Data is about 16TB and it’s on virtual server. how can i run linux cd to view the files?thank you

    • Just arrange a Linux Cd or if you don’t have one, download the setup (it’s free), make a bootable USB drive, and boot into linux (No need to install linux). Then see if the drive is visible there or if you can access the files from it.

  36. Thank you. I’m sure that data is there but i couldn’t find the way to back up the data because the size is too big. i don’t have enough space to back up the data for the size of 16TB.

  37. Thank you very much Jayant it helps me a lot to solve that problem.

  38. Thank you so much Jayant we were able to save our files, your instructions were user-friendly and easy to follow. Btw I used the Linux Mint method since the others didn’t work. We were able to transfer our files to a different hard drive. Thanks again and may God bless you! 😀

  39. Hi, Jayant.
    I see that this method works for many people.

    I want to try it, but pardon me, I dont understand at the no.1. I dont have linux. So I should download Linux Mint first? And Do I have to put the LinuxLive USB Creator in the flashdrive/cd too, in the same directory with Linux Mint?

    Thank you before

    • Hi, yes you can download any linux (i prefer mint and ubuntu). Install Linuxlive USB creator in your system. And then make a bootable Linux USB using it. Then, reboot the system and change the boot order to USB drive. It will then load in linux environment. Then, check if you can access the drive. Hope it helps :)

      • Hi Jayant, now I think I can access linux environment (I roeally dont have an idea what is linux and ubuntu, and what it is look like).

        I went to Computer, and open my hard drive, but it says “Unable to mount location. Can’t mount file.”

        What should I do? :( Can I still save my data?

        • Can you send me a picture of that. Actually, i am not quite good at working with Linux. When you tried to access the hard drive, was it showing as RAW with 0 Free space or there was some data in it?

          • I think I ran into another problem :(.
            When I waited for ur reply, I read your conversation with another comment-er, which you wrote to try TestDisk.
            Well I tried TestDisk by following the ‘step by step’, then restarted my laptop. But after that, when I open ‘Computer’ (or My Computer), MY HDD DIDN’T THERE! (Before this, my HDD shown as Local Disk :H) . I tried to plug it to Linux Environment, and it also didn’t appear in Computer. That’s why now I can’t send you a picture of “Unable to mount location..”
            Then back to my Windows, I checked in Disk Management, it shows that my HDD is UNALLOCATED, and UNREADABLE. I don’t know anymore, I was just too impulsive :(

            What do you think happened to my HDD?

            Thank you before

          • Let me look for the solution. I will contact you in 1-2 hours. Actually i m getting ready for office. Will reply u from there.

          • Hi again, Take a look at this video, may be it could help you to recover the unallocated partition:


  40. Thank you so much! Sorry for bothering :(

  41. I’m working on a hd that windows dectects i/o error and it’s raw formatted, it wont even boot with that hd plugged in.
    I’ve let iCare recovery try for a day its reading files but says its going to take 192 hours to complete
    I have Linux on another computer do you think it will have any better luck?
    All I want off of it is the pictures.

  42. I’m still sorting them. It seems like I got them but this is a friends hd so I really don’t know if I got all of them.
    I do know that over half of them are web icons and pics and some can’t be rendered, so I’m deleting alot.

  43. I am trying to open the my hard drive in linux mint. it says unable to mount drive.. please help me with that..
    i want to recover all my files. they are very important to me.
    thank you

  44. hi Jayant i tried your ubuntu method, but when i try to open the drive i get this error message:
    ‘unable to mount volume’
    how can i access my drive?

  45. Hi Jayant,

    I see that u have helped many people in solving there problem. Looking forward for the same gratitude. I have WD External HardDrive 500 Gb, when i connect it is depicted as Local disk (H):, on opening it window with the following message pops up,
    “H:/ is not accessible.

    Parameter is incorrect.”

    Then a message pops up asking me to format it, but i don’t want to lose my data,
    Device Management says its a basic RAW healthy primary partition.
    I selected it and clicked > properties > tools > error checking > check now
    The following message appears
    ” The disk check can’t be performed because Windows can’t access the disk”.

    It shows used space Zero byte and free space also as zero.

    Then I opened cmd prompt as administrator, and wrote CHKDSK /F /R /X /H:
    (My HDD is labeled as H:/ ), it says invalid parameter – /H:

    Any alternative to that linux one will be highly appreciated.

    Thank You.

  46. Thanks Jayant for the right command, it is working, bt is taking quite lot time, I hope its normal.
    as u can see from the above pic it is going on….:)
    I would have been glad to use Linux, but I don’t have any Linux Ubuntu OS CD…

  47. As u can see in the above pic its says that the type of file system is FTFS, but when i checked through disk management its said that it is RAW….

    • Did it complete? You can download Linux OS and make a bootable USB. You don’t need any CD/DVD for that. Also, i am unable to see the pic as i don’t have the rights :)

  48. Nopes, its taking a long time, it is still 13% bt has processed 16240 files (initially it was only 50)….
    I am so sorry abt the pic, I have made it public now…..

    By this speed I think its going to take 4 to 5 hrs more…. :/

    • Yeah, but you are lucky that the command is working because it can’t be used for RAW drives. Let the process finish. Then, drop the message about the outcome. Wish u good luck :)

  49. THANKS A LOT JAYANT,ur the man…. it worked for me….its working as before ^_^
    It took 6 hrs to complete though, bt m glad tht my data is back 😀
    heres the report
    Thanks again

  50. One more ques…
    Can we create partition for the external hard disk, without delocating the data on it ???

  51. hallo Jyant,
    first of all congrats for the good work u do..

    I have the same problem and i need to ask what kind of format of linux should i download to write it in cd and boot from there..iso?
    Sorry i am not specialist in computers..yet!

    Thanks in advance..

    • You can make a bootable USB for linux. No need to write it in a CD. Using a WUBI installer, you can also install it in your system as a windows application. Hope it helps.

  52. the problematic disk is external..

    • Thanks for the complimemt. Iso format would require virtual cd or winrar to extract. Go to the linux site and download the linux package from there.

  53. I did it and it worked..i used a wubi installer..
    Thank you very much,keep up the good job!!

  54. Hello Jayant!
    My external hdd was converted to raw and I can’t access it. I’ve tried formatting it but it says that the parameter is incorrect. I’ve also tried the cmd but it can’t detect the drive. I just need it back to to ntfs and no need to recover the data. Do you think I should try the linux way? Or is there any other way to convert it back to ntfs? Thanks!

    • hi, actually it’s almost impossible to convert RAW drive back to NTFS or FAT32 (or you would have found the solution on the internet :)). You should give a try to Linux method. 75% chance is that you would be able to recover the data. Good luck with that.

  55. I’ve tried formatting it by right-clicking in My Computer then after a while it says that Windows was unable to complete format. So I tried formatting it in disk management by right-clicking it. It’s been a while and it’s still not finish. I hope this works. Thanks again! :)

    • I used to format the disk from disk management myself. You can also try deleting the volume and then making a new (same) partition from the unallocated space. Once done, it will automatically ask to format the partition before you would be able to use the disk. And stop saying Thanks :)

  56. Hello Jayant. I have the same errors. I tried Chkdsk E: /F /X /R but got stuck at Step 2: Examining File Name Linkage. My external drive can’t be seen on windows installation disk and disk management gets stuck at Connecting to Virtual Disk Space. Haven’t tried Linux. I don’t really need the files, just format so that I can use the drive again.

  57. The problem now is, earlier after posting, I actually got in on Disk Management (after waiting for while) and deleted the drive volume, the process succeeded, but when I tried formatting the drive, my PC went on a blue screen (don’t know why, I wasn’t doing anything) and now I can’t find the drive on My Computer and Disk Management is stuck on Connecting to Virtual Disk Service. I tried to unplug and plug again, but Disk Management is still stuck on the same process. I’m still waiting for Disk Management to finish.

  58. Did. Still stuck on the same part. (Actually I’m tired of waiting), I haven’t tried using chkdsk on safe-mode cause like I said, the drive can’t be found on My Computer anymore. I tried plugging my external drive into another laptop right now, though it loads/response very slow (I mean really slow) but it can be found in this laptop, so I’ll try waiting and format it using Windows only.

  59. My external hard drive connect but I can’t found it in computer.

    • If you have another hard drive connected along with that one (of the same company like seagate), it won’t show up until one of them is removed. Or else, check it in the disk management and see if your system is showing the hard drive there.

  60. I need Help please, I followed the instruction above, everything was good, it worked! my partition showed up in “try ubuntu”, I was doing great copying a few files from my partition, but all of a sudden, my partition doesn’t show up. I try to restart my computer a couple of times but my partition doesn’t show up anymore in “Try Ubuntu”. please help, please. Is there any way that I can still recover my files?

    • You may try the other methods listed in the comments section. Some have helped people in recovering the files. Hope, it may help u

      • My partition showed up again. I’m copying my files and photos now, sadly some of the photos are gone and I think corrupted, but good thing I saved some of it. Thanks to your website I found a better solution on how to fix this kind of problem, and Thanks to you Jayant! you are a very big Help to me and to everyone. Keep it up! Thanks again!

  61. Jayant,

    I have 1 TB seagate external hard disk and when connected to windows am getting the error message ‘E:/ is not accessible. Parameter is incorrect.”’ when tried chkdisk E: /f got an error message showing the device can’t be accessible.
    Drive is getting recognized and disk letter(E:) is showing up in explorer, but not accessible.

    Seagate hard disk was accessible on ubuntu few weeks before but now it is not accessible and giving IO error.

    I have valuable data on this drive. Please suggest how can I recover the data.

  62. Hy Jayant
    MY seagate 320gb external hdd is
    not accesable..i tryed same option but
    my hdd not showing in unbanto its showing only windows but not accessble plz help its very important

    • Hi, Have you gone through the discussion in comments section. It mentions more solutions for recovery by different users. Kindly go through it once. It may solve your problem. Good luck :)

  63. hi jayant
    i have wd my passport ultra 1 tb nd when i connected to the computer it shows k:/ is not accessible. Parameter is incorrect. nd i have 800 gb data in it plz solve my p roblem i tried every thing ubuntu live cd chkdsk nd all bt nthing works plz help…

  64. sir, can you help me, i had the same problem, parameter incorrect, i recovered some of the data but some didn’t show up. i recovered all those folders in the list but the memory is not same with the hard drives, meaning there are some missing folders, how would you fix this? thanks in advance…

    • Its really a hard part to recover all the data and really i have no idea how to do that successfully. I was able to correct the problem using linux. You may go through the comments where people have mentioned some ways to recover the data.

  65. SD card shows message on mobile phone, that it is damaged and need to format. Need all the data saved on it before formatting. Checkdisk command shows cant have direct access to volume. How to check if it is RAW or not?

    • Plugin the SD card in the laptop and check the status in Disk management. Right click “My computer” and select “manage”. Then, disk management in the left pane of the new window opened.

  66. Hi Jayant,

    I’m having a problem with my external hdd. It says F: Parameter is incorrect. Drive inaccessible or something like that.

    I tried chkdsk F: /f /r but it shows this


    Also when i tried to do a quick format it says “Windows was unable to complete the format”

    The status bar was also grayed out during the process.

    When I opened the device manager > disk management
    It reads the external hdd as F: 931.5 GB RAW Health (Active, Primary Partition)

    Do you have any suggestions on how can I reaccess this? I don’t mind wiping all of the data in it. I haven’t dropped the hard drive or lost power while working or anything like that

    • Sorry for the late reply. If you don’t mind wiping the data then simply format it. If you cant format it directly, delete it from disk management and then format it.

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