COD Modern Warfare 3: DirectX encountered unrecoverable error

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: It is the eighth installment in the series “Call of duty” and third part in the “Modern warfare” series. It was developed by “Infinity Ward” and “Sledgehammer Games”. “Raven Software” assisted in the development. It was published by “Activision”. It was released worldwide in the year 2009.

directx encountered unrecoverable error

You may get the error something like this “DirectX encountered unrecoverable error” while loading or playing the game. I had the latest DirectX installed on my system supported by my graphic card. Even though, as the game starts to load, it crashed to the desktop showing an error “DirectX encountered unrecoverable error”.

To resolve this problem, here is the solution. I hope, it may work for you:

Fix for DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error

1) Solution of the Problem depends upon how good your GPU and CPU are. You have to lower down the graphic settings from the main menu of the game. Keep them medium or low because they do not bring out much difference in the looks of the game.

2) Also, Lower down the resolution to 1024×728 or lower than this. I had to play the game at this resolution even though my laptop supports 1366×768 (16:9) resolution.

3) You can try increasing the graphic properties and resolution until the game doesn’t start crashing. However, you can try playing the game in DirectX 9 mode by adding ” -dx9″ without quotes in the target. To do this, right-click the shortcut of the game and select “Properties” from the menu. Switch to “shortcut” tab and add ” -dx9″ at the last of the text written in it.  It would look something like this.

“C:\Program files\COD MW3.exe” -dx9

4) Try updating the graphic card of your system as well as direct X to the latest version.

5) Try running the game as “Administrator” and change the compatibility mode of the game to “Windows XP SP3 or SP2”.

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Hope it helps in solving “DirectX encountered unrecoverable error”.

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